Lake Murray Boat Tours offers several pre-planned chartered tours and experiences, however, every experience is fully customizable, which means that your time on the lake is unique.  This means your experience is YOURS. 

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All Lake Murray Boat Tours depart from Jake's Landing in Lexington, SC.

Sunset / Sunrise Tours
Lake Murray Boat Company sunset and sunr

South Carolina sunsets and sunrises are truly spectacular no matter where you see them, but there is something amazing about seeing it from the middle of Lake Murray.  

Our 2 1/2 hour Sunrise / Sunset Tours treat guests to some wind through the hair, fresh air cruising, a stop near one of the many islands to dip their toes into the lake, followed by a look to the west (or the east) for an amazing experience.

Up to 6 guests may bring snacks and beverages of their choice, and enjoy all the amenities the Manifest Destiny has to offer, including blender, wet bar area, lounge seating and more.

Sunrise / Sunset tours are offered starting at $260, which includes the boat, Captain, and fuel

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Purple Martin Bird Tour  (Offered July-August)
purple martin tour lake murray boat tour

The Purple Martin is a small migratory song bird from the swallow family that travel through the eastern part of North America and much of South America.  A dusk during July - August thousands of them make their way to spend the night on Bomb Island, filling the sky with amazing little creatures. 


The 2 1/2 Tour includes a beautiful ride to the Bomb Island area, where up to 6 guests can enjoy snacks and beverages, and even a stop for a quick swim on the very warm waters of Lake Murray. 

Purple Martin Bird Tours are offered starting at $260 for up to 6 people, and include fuel.

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That Dam History Tour
Lake Murray History.jpg

It may be hard to believe, but before the late 1920's, there was no Lake Murray - just miles of farm land and communities.  Landowners and families in those communities were asked to sell their homesteads and land for the creation of the Lake, and for many, that meant leaving behind generations of life, buildings, bridges and more - much of which remains under the Lake.

The Lake also played an important and high profile role in WWII efforts.


The 2 hour Dam History Tour offers up to 6 Guests the opportunity to learn all about the building of the dam, some lost secrets of Lake Murray and the answer to the legend of the catfish larger than a Volkswagon. 

Guests may bring snacks and  the beverages of their choice.

That Dam History Tour is offered starting at $260 for up to 6 people, and includes fuel.

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That Beach Bum
Lake Murray boat tour company beach bum

In addition to the amazing views from just about anywhere anywhere on Lake Murray, there are several great places to step off the boat, put your toes in the water, or explore one of the many islands that make up the interesting topography of Lake Murray.  The Beach Bum Tour blends a ton of fun ON the water, as well as unique experiences on land you can only reach by water.

This experience is customized for up to 6 Guests, and can include fun on the beach, with a ton of beach toys, a floating experience in the middle of the Lake, or even exploring one of the islands that you can only get to by boat.  Our Experience Agents will help craft the perfect 2 1/2 hour experience.

Guests may bring snacks and  the beverages of their choice.

The Beach Bum Tour is offered starting at $260 for up to 6 people, and includes fuel.

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Lake Murray Bout Tours Island fun
Island Hopping

There many islands on Lake Murray, ranging from little more than a few trees, to much larges ones, including Goat, Bundrick, Dreher, Suzie Ebert, and many otheres.

On these islands are some pretty great experiences to be found including wildlife, pretty beaches, and of course all the history that dates back to before Lake Murray was Lake Murray.

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Wedding on a boat_edited.jpg

There is something special about exchanging vows in the presence of water - Magical perhaps - It makes memories that last a lifetime!


If you are looking for a super unique wedding or ceremony, we have you covered - LMBTC has partnered with Lake Murray Weddings and the fine folks at Palmetto Pop-up Weddings to craft something extra special for you and your guests.

You wedding can range from the simple - standing in front of a few family and friends in the middle of the lake, to a multi-boat flotilla or beach wedding.

Our Boat Captain is also a South Carolina Notary, meaning you make your commitment anywhere on or near Lake Murray, in a place that is special to you and your betrothed.  LMBTC has partnered with Lake Murray Weddings to make the "I Do" amazing!

Weddings are offered starting at $600 and are fully customized for size and extras to make your dream day a reality.

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The Parade of Homes Real Estate Agent Tour
Lake Murray Boat Company real estate Tou

The real estate market is white hot in the Midlands, and many of the most sought after properties have a water view.


The Parade of Homes Tour is designed for Real Estate Agents who want to share with their potential homeowners how their dream home looks from the water - let's face it - how it looks from the water does say a lot!

Parade of Home Tours can include water visits to specific addresses, or a general tour of potential homes to help find the American Dream.

Parade of Home Tours start at $300 and are customized based on your clients needs.

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