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Learn To Boat

Lake Murray Boat Training and Carolina Boat Academy is part of the not-for-profit organization SAFER BOATER, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing classroom AND hands-on training in power boating.

Our nationally certified power boating instructors provide a wealth of experience. They are trained in a specific curriculum that will leave students with classroom, theory, and hands-on experience on the water.

Boating instruction with Tyler Ryan
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South Carolina is one of the few States that does NOT require any training to operate a boat if you were born AFTER 2007, which is a truly frightening concept. 

Although there are several online boater safety courses, many people don't take them, much less gain hands-on experience before operating a boat on the water.  You CANNOT learn how to operate a boat properly on YouTube.

This can create dangerous situations, especially in challenging weather conditions or at night.

Many of the accidents that occur on South Carolina waterways every year, both minor and major,  happen because people don't know the rules or haven't developed the skills to operate a boat.

Boating is a very popular sport, with more and more boats registered daily in South Carolina.  This means more and more boat owners are getting onto the water without formal training.

Keep in mind that developing skills requires one thing: Hands-On Experience.

The Carolina Boating Academy Captains professional Merchant Mariners who hold United States Coast Guard Licenses and have extensive experience on all types of vessels, and will give you hands-on experience on your boat so that you learn how to operate safely for not only your passengers but other people out on the water.

Learn to Drive YOUR Boat

Here is out it works: Lake Murray Boat Training and The Carolina Boating Academy will train you on YOUR vessel or one in our fleet. We will provide hands-on training and develop your skills:


  • Full Formal Classroom / On-Water Course

  • Basic Maintenance

  • Basic Operation in Open Water

  • Navigation Principals 

  • Marina Operation

  • Nighttime Operation

  • Loading and Unloading from Trailer

  • Backing and Driving with Trailer

  • Bad Weather Operation


There are several online courses, but there is nothing that replaces actually sitting at the helm!

REMEMBER:  Taking a Boater Safety class is only part of the journey to safe boating

Don't feel like driving your boat?  We can do it for you!
Reach out to Lake Murray Boat Tours

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