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We know you may have some questions.  Here are answers to several common ones.  Of course, if your question isn't listed here, please call us at (803) 339-9550

  • Is Captain Tyler a REAL Captain?
    YES! Caption Tyler Ryan is a United States Coast Guard endorsed Merchant Mariner aka a Master Captain. This is a very important distinction. Captain Tyler not only has vast experience on the water, he has been trained by, and met the requirements of the United States Coast Guard as a Master Captain. So what does that mean? It means that Captain Tyler has, through extensive experience, course work, and passing an in-depth Homeland Security background investigation, demonstrated to the United States Coast Guard his professionalism, skill, and safety out on the water. This brings up something else that is important. As you are selecting your charter company and captain, MAKE SURE they can provide their endorsement from the USCG. If they are NOT a licensed Captain, not only do you not know if they are safe, but it is a violation of Federal Law to take money from you as a charter captain.
  • What does being a USCG Master Captain mean?
    The primary difference between the Operator of an Uninspected Passenger Vessel, (OUPV), commonly called a " 6-pack," and a Masters Endorsement is the number of passengers that the captain can legally carry. The OUPV allows the captain to carry up to six passengers, regardless of the size of the vessel (Up to 100 ton). The Master allows a captain to carry more. The OUPV Course is no joke, consisting of 60 hours of intense training, passing a deep background check, deep medical, and all other requirements of the United States Coast Guard. **IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT A CAPTAINS LICENSE IS NOT A BOATER LICENSE** Another difference is the training. A Master Endorsement requires an additional 30 hours of advanced training, through an approved United States Coast Guard training program. Earning your Captain's license is not easy, nor should it be, as the captain is responsible not only for his vessel, and other vessels on the water, but also the safety of his guests and crew. In order to earn a USCG Captain's License, you must have at least 360 verifiable days on the water, with 90 within the three years prior to applying for license. You must complete a comprehensive training program that goes through all aspects of operating a vessel, either on a lake or the ocean. Candidates must also pass a very complete background check, completed by Homeland Security, as well as medical screening, drug tests, be CPR and first aid certified, and other "hoops."
  • Can you tell me about your boat?
    Our primary tour boat, The Manifest Destiny II is a 26-foot Berkshire tritoon boat. She has a ton of space, with plenty of lounge area, as well as a built-in bar with stools, which is perfect for entertaining. She also has a great sound system and Bluetooth, so you can be the DJ. Upon request, we can provide a cooler, water, and ice, all of which you may utilize for your charter. We have all the safety equipment that is required in then some, including life vests (PFDs), throws, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, and more. The MD II also has noodles, floats, and other fun stuff to make your experience amazing.
  • Where are you guys located?
    Lake Murray Boat Tour's home port is Jake's Landing, located at 220 Jake's Landing Road, Lexington SC 29072. Jake's is easy to get to from any direction and is located about 20 minutes from downtown Columbia, the same from Chapin, and even Leesville, South Carolina. When you arrive at Jake's, you will park along with the other cars, near the gas pumps. There is a small parking fee that you will need to pay for at the blue boat house adjacent to where you parked and all the docks. We are located on the 3rd dock as you are near the boat house, on the dock with the gas pump at the end.
  • Is there parking?
    There sure is! Jake's Landing has a ton of it. There is, however, a parking fee of $5 per car. When you arrive, you go into the blue boat house, which is near the boat ramp, and they will give you a receipt to place on your dashboard. We are located on the dock next to the boat ramp (The part that boats get put into the water)
  • Can I smoke on the boat?
    No. Our commercial insurance policy prohibits smoking on the boat. Of course, the other aspect is the mixing of open flame and fuel. Not a great combination. If you find yourself jonesin' for a puff, we can often make arrangements to stop at an island.
  • What can I bring on the boat?
    You can bring on anything you would like to add to your experience, including any food and drinks (adult and non-adult). The only thing that you cannot do is smoke on the boat. In addition to any refreshments, we would recommend: Sunscreen - lotion, NOT spray Sunglasses Towels Water Hat Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • What can I NOT bring on the boat?
    You are not allowed to bring on any illegal substances (Remember, because the USCG oversees commercial operations, Federal Law, NOT local law governs our operation. You may not bring on any concealable weapons or other contraband.
  • How many people can come on the boat?
    The United States Coast Guard limits the number of passengers, on a charter for hire. On an UNINSPECTED VESSEL it is six. If your charter captain allows more, on Lake Murray, they Captain (or driver) is committing a violation of law. The Coast Guard actively investigates suspected violators of this provision on all impacted waterways, including Lake Murray.
  • Do you have to be a licensed captain to drive a boat for hire?
    YES. Lake Murray is what is considered navigable waters by the United States Coast Guard. This means that any charter for hire.(i.e. a commercial operation) MUST be operated by a person that holds a USCG Merchant Mariner credential. If you are looking to book a tour, make sure you ask your captain to provide his credentials. If they do not have one, they are committing a federal law violation.
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