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Water Taxi Anchor



Lake Murray Water Taxi and Transport is the simple answer to getting around Lake Murray.

Whether you need a ride home from a nightspot or beach, or simply moving a boat around the lake, Lake Murray Water Taxi and Transport is the only call you need to make.


Lake Murray Water Taxi Specia Events

Nothing is more of a drag than heading out for a big event on the Lake, and wanting to leave before everyone else, and knowing it is a bit far for a swim.


Lake Murray Water Taxi operates during those super fun events, picking you up at the event location, and dropping you off at one of the pre-designated locations on land, so that you can arrange transportation to you next location.

You can call Lake Murray Water Taxi during the following events on the Lake:

  • Drift Jam

  • Reggae Tronic

  • 4th of July Fireworks

  • Holiday Fireworks

         LMWT will bring you to:

  • Jakes Landing

  • Irmo Side of the Dam

  • Lands End

  • Liberty on the Lake

  • Catfish Johnny's


From these locations, you can make arrangements for ground transportation to your next location.

Lake Murray water taxi
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